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The Old Dominion neighborhood is bisected by two main Virginia state roads – Glebe Road (Route 120) and Old Dominion Drive (Route 309).  In addition to bisecting the neighborhood, they are both major commuter routes for Fairfax County residents driving to/from the District of Columbia. 

Over the past several years the residents of the Old Dominion Citizens Association (ODCA) have met repeatedly with Arlington County traffic officials to discuss what measures can be taken to increase safety on both major thoroughfares. 

History of Traffic Issues

In response to these meetings Arlington County has occasionally set up traffic speed readers and radar surveillance, both of which have temporarily reduced speeding on both roads. Additionally, several years ago the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), in cooperation with Arlington County, reconstructed Old Dominion Drive, made storm water improvements, and added designated pedestrian crosswalks.  Despite these efforts, speeding along both Glebe Road and Old Dominion Drive continues to be a major safety issue, especially for school-age children and seniors. 

ODCA's Response to Traffic Safety

ODCA has formed a Traffic Safety Committee to address these issues, both at the county and state level.  However, since both Glebe Road and Old Dominion Drive are under the primary jurisdiction of VDOT, Arlington County has argued that any lasting resolution must come from VDOT. 

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