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As you may know, the former rusty green salt storage facility at 25th St. and Old Dominion had been in disrepair for years. The salt storage tank was built in 1928 as a water tank.  In 2018 the County determined that it was unsafe for use. They had intended to tear it down and build a temporary facility on the same site. But then they have decided that they didn’t have time to do that, and the county went   ahead to tear it down and build a new, 47 foot tall, cement, steel and green canvas salt storage facility, near the corner of 26th Street and Old Dominion (often referred to as “The Hanger”).

Dominion Green

This is the entrance to our neighborhood, the green space we refer to as Dominion Green, and where the county proposed to build the fire station a few years ago. As part of that debate, the country board chair at the time promised that they would build a neighborhood park of at least one acre on this site. There is no park as part of this plan, and now we are left with an industrial facility on the corner. We recognize the importance of having the ability to store salt and keep the roads safe in winter but believe that this can be accomplished while minimizing neighborhood disruption and elimination of important open space.

Master Plan

As a result of community persistence and input the County Board appointed a Task Force to collaborate with county staff to develop a master plan for the 7.6 acres of County-owned land located at 26th Street North and Old Dominion Drive (26-OD). The Task Force was chaired by Noah Simon who ably led the Fire Station #8 Task Force a few years ago. The Task Force issued its final report in April 2019.

Task Force Final Report

The Task Force said  it did not find a compelling reason or need to justify expanding operations at the 26th/OD site, and believed more data is required for the Board to justify moving forward with significant enhancements to winter storm operations there. The report went on to say that if the Board does eventually validate the need to expand operations, the County should use the consensus recommendation Master Plan as the basis for subsequent public planning processes. 

Final Report

The final report and master plan for the Salt Tank property is available on Arlington County’s Projects & Planning website for:  26th Street N-Old Dominion Drive Site Master Planning Task Force.

Salt Tank Property Information

Information about Arlington County’s continuing work can be the Salt Tank property is  available on their website at North Side Salt Tank Interim Structure